This Welsh Girl


This blog began as a foodie blog, then migrated to being a healthy living blog.  Now it’s somewhere in between, I guess, since I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle but love the occasional indulgence (who doesn’t?).  Either way, I try to keep the focus of this blog on food that I love to eat; with the odd random post chucked in for good measure.  I love reading about all things food and health related.

Outside of blogging, I live in England (and desperately miss my home land) with my husband.  I  am a registered nurse, but I now devote my time to bringing up our one year old son.

I also have a BA(hons) in Theology and Religious Studies, and a Masters in Christianity and Culture.  Loved it.  Totally geeked out.

Hope you enjoy this little blogging space.

P.S. I love receiving comments but don’t always get a chance to reply.  If I do reply, it will either be on the blog post you commented on; or I will post a reply on your blog.  Oh, and sometimes I’ll send you an email.  Thanks!

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