This Welsh Girl


This blog began as a foodie blog, then migrated to being a healthy living blog.  Now I blog mostly about the plant-based food I love to eat and family life with my crazy toddler, Theo, and our newborn, Anwen.  I try to be healthy but my raging sweet tooth often wins.  I love reading about all things food and health related, and have a keen interest in food ethics (hence my efforts to commit to a v*gan lifestyle).  I have also recently discovered knitting and am absolutely obsessed.

Outside of blogging, I live in South-West England with my husband.  I  am a registered nurse, but I now devote my time to bringing up our son and daughter.

I also have a BA(hons) in Theology and Religious Studies, and a Masters in Christianity and Culture.  Loved it.  Totally geeked out.

Hope you enjoy this little blogging space.

P.S. I love receiving comments and will try my best to reply; usually on the blog post you commented on.  However, my commenting system is not sophisticated enough to send you a notification that I have replied.  Thanks!

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