Mid-week mood, but there are cupcakes


For some reason I have been incredibly grumpy today.  Don’t worry, I won’t pass on my mood over the wire.  Instead I shall spread wishes of joy, happiness, and goodwill to all creatures; human and non-human.  Ok, enough with the babbling.

On Monday, this finally arrived!

(You should know by now that I am a little slow at picking up on what others discovered ages ago).

In celebration of its arrival, and in line with my cupcake obsession, I de-glutened Isa and Terry’s recipe for Jam Doughnut (or what you Americans know as Jelly Donut) Cupcakes.

Boy, were they good.  Really, I had to make them:  It was my friend Liz’s birthday yesterday so she threw a wine and dessert party.  My two fave things!  Aware that there would be nothing Sarah-friendly (gluten-free and vegan) I whipped up a batch of these cupcakes to take with me. Unfortunately, They were crowded out by other desserts so I was forced to take the leftovers home with me.  Gutted.

In other news, this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (in the US and over here).  In line with this a great blogger, Nicole, is sharing her experiences of having an eating disorder, and what she is learning from this experience.  Her posts are a great insight into what many who suffer or have suffered with an eating disorder experience.  Her latest post on guilt is particularly pertinent for many regardless of whether you’ve experienced disordered eating.  So many people, male and female, are oppressed by negative feelings such as guilt in association with food, body image, and what we do or don’t do.  Posts like Nicole’s bring awareness to these unconscious and conscious feelings that we need to be liberated from, and that are endemic in today’s society.  Like she says in her post, we DESERVE to feel happy with ourselves (obviously there are some exceptions to this but most of us don’t accept and love ourselves enough).

Writing this post has made me feel much better, happy Wednesday!