Was bored, now relaxed. Tips, please.

I’m writing this on June 17th, the same day as I wrote and published my last post.  Stranger things have happened.

Today has been most unproductive.  I had all these bright ideas about what studying I had to do but I think I’ve been indoors too much so I’m going stir crazy.  Yup.  And I made the fatal mistake of having a shower and getting glammed up for my night out too early in the day.  Now I want to exercise but I can’t be bother to shower and re-do my make-up after a sweatfest.  Anyone else had that dilemma?  Suffice it to say, instead I have done a bit cleaning and A LOT of faffing.  Bummer.  What a waste of a day!  But these things happen.

So, I guess I should share some food stuff since this a food blog…  I was going to bake but I couldn’t be bothered (are you noticing a theme… laziness, perhaps?).  Ok, food.

Today’s lunch was a mix of whatever was lying around in my fridge,

Quinoa, roasted parsnips & sweet potatoes, cucumber, carrots.  With some cashews (possibly my fave nut).  Nut surprisingly, this did not fill me up for long.  I just cannot get too grips with portion control!  I am rubbish at judging how much to give myself.  Anyone have any tips?  I’d rather not need a snack 2 hours later.

Ooo, I recieved two new cookbooks in the post this week.  When I’m sitting at home, working on my computer I have an awful habit of buying stuff that I don’t really need.  But one can never have too many cookbooks, right?  Right.

La Dolce Vegan I bought on a friend’s recommendation.  She said it’s her most used cookbook (always a good sign).  The second, Appetite for Reduction, I bought as I read an excellent, glowing review of it in a foodie magazine a few months ago.  I haven’t cooked anything from them yet.  But I’m sure you’ll hear about it when I do.

Ok, I should go now.  The Hubs is about to come home from work.


Fast forward to now, Saturday morning.  I have diligently uploaded photos from last night’s meal and am ready to bore you with them…

Whenever we go to Tampopo, I always get the same thing: Nonya Vegan Curry and Sauteed Greens.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I think this image of the greens may be upside down…

That’s me, btw- more than ready to eat!  Excuse the red eye.  (I realise that my chopsticks are upside down, I did rectify this before using them to inhale the food).

The hubs (left) and our friend.  Nothing much I can say about this really, it’s a pretty representative image.

Twas a great evening but we watched the 10pm showing of Senna and I was falling asleep in parts of the film (due to a mix of tiredness and lack of interest).

How was your friday night?  Fun weekend plans?  More importantly, any tips on determining adequate portion sizes?  Ideally I want to feel full/satiated for a good 3-4 hours after eating, but not stuffed.  Thanks!


Just food

Hello there and happy Friday!

I would like to say that my weekend has almost begun… but I’m on a late shift today and a late shift on Sunday.  But at least I have Saturday off.

Here are some food highlights:

I have to say, this meal was awesome.  I roasted courgette, parsnip, cherry tomatoes and red pepper in olive oil and cajun spice blend.  Once cooked I added in ready-to-eat marinated tofu and cooked rice.  Then dressed it with homemade salad dressing and mixed it all together.  At the moment I’m a massive fan of just chucking meals together with no recipe or plan.  When it comes to baking, it’s important to be precise.  But when making other delights I prefer to throw caution to the wind.

Sunday lunchtime our friend John (him and his wife are my only blog readers who I know in real life, thanks guys!) came over for lunch.   So I whipped up a soup with the same logic as the above meal.  700g of whatever veg is lying around (including a small onion, chopped), 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1tsp chilli powder.  Simmer together in 1 litre of stock (veg or chicken stock).  Once the veg is soft leave to cool a bit.  Then blend away with a generous handful or two of fresh basil.  Reheat to serve; job’s a good ‘un!

You may notice the bread and cheese on the table.  Unfortunately, these were not for me.  My soup was accompanied by rice cakes topped with peanut butter.  Dessert was naturally, one of my cookies.

Out of all the recipes I have created and showcased on this blog, I think these cookies are the most regularly made and consumed.  Sad but true.

Dessert also included…

I know this looks like baby food, and could probably pass as baby food.  However, it is a vanilla soy dessert and stewed apple with a bit of agave.  This reminded me of the apple and custard dessert that I used to have over my nanna’s as a child.  Simple comfort food for winter.

There you have just some of the foodie highlights of my week!  What are your foodie highlights?