One more day of lectures before my summer holiday begins!

Hi lovely readers,

Glad you all liked my Tropical Crumble!  If you do end up trying it, I’d love for you to take a picture, email it to me, and I will post it up on here.

Anyway, today there’s going to be a lot of linkage love rather than recipes, as you will see.  To start with,

CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Lauren, from Ginger is the New Pink, as she just found out that she’s expecting a baby girl.  Exciting!

Also, there are a couple of giveaways in the blogsphere- Tasha, from The Voracious Vegan, is giving away a year’s subscription to VegNews as a generous thank you gift to her readers.  Click here to check it out.

And there’s another giveaway by Nelly, from From Nelly… With Love…. It’s a great raw desserts book, and the deadline is Friday, 23rd July.  To enter just go here.

Gosh, I think that’s all for now.

So, onto life in South West England…

In honour of Katie‘s Hug a Fruit month, I would like to say that I am loving nectarines at the mo.  My morning would not be the same without them.  See gormless, no make-up, morning face below:

Sorry for the blurry image; it was first thing in the morning after all and Tom wasn’t around to lend his photography skills.

I have also been enjoying Ani Phyo‘s Cherry Tomato Marinara from her latest recipe book.  It’s so good, and has been a welcome feature of my salad lunches this week.  Honestly, if you haven’t got her latest book, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials yet, then you really need to do something about it…

In this bowl designed for man-size portions you will see it is accompanied by my fave raw crackers of the moment,

Inspired by Nelly and Heathy (from Sweetly Raw) I’ve also been trying to make some raw desserts and, I have to say, I’m not having much luck!  I think I’m tending to overgrind the nuts, and am not getting the dates:nuts ratio right.  Frustrating.  So no pictures I’m afraid.  As soon as I come up with something worth blogging about I most certainly will.

As stated by my post’s title, I have just one more day of lectures tomorrow and then I am officially on holidays for 8 weeks!  Amazing.  I have a load of uni work to do in that time but it’s all good.  I will also be enjoying the gym, helping out at our local cat sanctuary, baking, cooking, un-cooking, blogging (naturally), and finding time to go to Paris and New York.  Did I mention life is hard sometimes?

Hope you’ve had a good week so far.  Only one more day until the weekend (unless you’re Robyn and Tasha in Saudi whose weekends fall at a different time in the week, sorry guys).

A mixed bag of a sunday

Hello  there!

Hope you’ve all been having a great weekend with lots of sunshine and delicious food.  My hope for this weekend was to make some progress with another essay I have to write but it just didn’t happen.  When the weather’s so nice all I want is to be outside enjoying it; if only we had a garden.  Anyway, instead of studying I’ve been eating lots of yummy food, enjoying some exercise, and drinking some good wine.  All this and some intermittent stress thrown in pretty much sums up my weekend.  We did watch a rubbish film, “The Hangover” as well.  Anyone seen it?

After yesterday’s post and the great comments I decided to dig out my running shoes, hit the pavement, and go for a run today.  Duh, duh, duuh.  I made 16 minutes at a pace of about 5-6mph.  Rubbish, I know, but it felt so good!!!  I was expecting worse since I hadn’t been for a run in 9 months.  Plus, Bristol’s pretty hilly and I had been to a 90 minutes Iyengar Yoga class this morning as well (which I actually enjoyed).  It was just what I needed to melt my stress away until this happened…

Sorry Micra

I was driving back from yoga, basking in a sense of calmness and gratitude, when I turned into a narrow (one-car-only-width) road and another car wanted to get past.  I scooted in and whilst doing so drove past a skip that had an “unseen” metal lid that was sticking out.  In the process, I drove too close to the skip, scraping the side of my car and removing its door handle.   It was distressing.  All I could think was “poor micra” and “what’s Tom going to say”.  Luckily he doesn’t love the micra like I do and just laughed it off.  So now our micra has windows that don’t open, duct tape holding its number plate on, and a passenger door that only opens from inside (see below).

I think it’s reached “shed” status.  As I was driving back home I was thinking of all kinds of excuses I could give to Tom but I’m a rubbish liar, would feel too guilty, and I love the micra (I’ve even set up a facebook group in celebration of this little wonder car; too cool) so wouldn’t be able to hide my sadness.

After the trauma, I decided to cheer myself up by trying out one of Ani Phyo’s recipes, Garden Pate (pictured above).  You can find the recipe in her book “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen” or on her blog here.  It’s fresh tasting; the sweetness of the carrots and almonds is punctuated by a hint of ginger and garlic to give it some depth.  The recipe in her book makes loads so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying it for the next few days.  I also supplemented my salad with my new favourite addition, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast.  Love the stuff.  If you haven’t heard of it before or would like to know more about it, it’s been featured on many blogs recently (see Averie’s post and Katie’s post for example).

And that concludes today’s post.  I’m off now to watch one of Louis Theroux’s latest documentarys on America’s medicated kidsNos star!