Low FODMAP Snacks (GF, V)

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite low FODMAP snacks that I eat when my IBS flares up and I’m trying to be sensible.  Some of them you would have seen on here countless times before, but others may be new.

All of these are vegan, gluten-free, and FODMAP friendly.

Fruit and nut mix.


Corn thins topped with dairy-free spread, marmite, avocado and grated carrot (sounds weird but I highly recommend it).


Banana and cashew butter on gluten-free toast.


Blood oranges.  I cannot get enough of these at the moment; try to buy organic ones as they taste markedly better.


Corn thins with sunflower seed butter, melon and grapes.


If you have any questions about IBS and/or the low FODMAPs diet then please leave a comment or drop me an email and I’d be happy to help and share information.  Also, I realise I haven’t done a full post on the low FODMAP diet which I can do in future if you guys fancy it?

Ok, your turn.  What are some of your fave vegan snacks?

Sharing the love… for kale.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Am I the only one not celebrating it today?  I’m working a late shift (which  means I won’t be home before 21:00) and Tom and I have given each other strict instructions not to buy each other anything.  I’m not a fan of being forced to celebrate love on a day that has no personal meaning for us.  Plus, I have a cold and a fever and am going to have to drag myself around the ward today so whatever, St Valentine.

Actually, I will share and celebrate some love: I have just rediscovered my love for kale!

Formerly, I’ve only loved kale in soups (such as my superfoods soup and soup for stress) and smoothies.  More recently I’ve come to like black kale (only) in stir-fries.  But last week we recieved curly kale in our veg box.  So I was forced to give the curly variety another chance.

I cracked out our very basic rice cooker,

To make a simple quinoa and greens dish,

Using the lovely Emily’s inspired recipe.  It’s perfect for when you don’t have much time and want something nourishing.  It also makes a great base for other meals as you can add different flavouring (herbs, spices, sauces ets) and accompaniments to it once cooked.

I promptly used it as a base for dinner,

and willl defo be enjoying it for my packed meals this week.  Plus, it’s a low FODMAP recipe so it’s soothing as well as nourishing.

What are you loving right now?