Meal planning recap

Happy Sunday!

How’s your week been?  This week’s been a mixed bag for us but mostly good.  And the meal planning has gone excellently.  We’ve even saved money this week… by saved I mean I kept comfortably within budget.  Let’s recap.

Sunday – 40 Clove Chickpeas and Broccoli, with brown rice (from Appetite for Reduction) SUCCESS

photo 3

Monday – Bean & Veg Stew, with quinoa FAIL (Tom was out, I just had cereal instead)

Tuesday – Pasta & Veg with White Sauce from Fat Free Vegan SUCCESS, though I doubt I’ll make it again.


Wednesday – Thai Chickpea & Veg Curry SUCCESS

photo 1

Thursday – Fajitas SEMI SUCCESS

Friday – Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes FAIL

Thursday I made roast potatoes with salad and veggie sausages since we had potatoes to use up,


so we had the Fajitas on Friday instead.

IMG_2404Saturday – Wing it. SUCCESS obvo.

Meal planning definitely helped with keeping within our food budget.  And even though I did deviate from it sometimes, I made sure my doing so wasn’t going to cost us any more money.  I also made an effort to walk to our local shops to buy ingredients as and when we needed them.  That way I found it easier to control what I was buying, and I got some exercise in.  Win, win!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.  I’ll be back some time soon with this week’s meal plan.

Thursday Schmursday

Oh my word, it has been a rubbish Thursday.  This morning Theo and I had lots of fun hanging out..


In the afternoon it went downhill.  Firstly my car collided with another in the car park of my fave health food shop, then I accidentally jammed Theo’s fingers in the door.  I was traumatised.  Theo’s absolutely fine.

So this evening I’m treating myself to a small bar of raw chocolate from my health food shop stash and the film, Vegucated.


I also bought some raw food bars for when I do the odd shift at the hospital, some recommended vegan cheese to try, some vegan cookies (love these- I ate so many of them when I was breastfeeding Theo and had major sugar cravings), and a samosa (not healthy but vegan and so good).

This week I have been on a quinoa kick. I’ve had it every day for either lunch or dinner.








Another great lunch I had this week was my homemade veg-gaucamole that I had with corn thins,

IMG_20140522_204754Pretty awesome.

At least my Thursday is ending well; now for the rest of the film and more raw chocolate :) Hope you’re having a good week Xxx


Clearing the fridge food

Good evening!

Thanks for all the kind comments on my last blog post. It’s starting to feel more real now as we share our news with more people.

I was going to blog a recipe for Theo’s favourite dahl on Sunday but I ended up doing a late shift on my old ward as they were so short-staffed. Goodness I was tired afterwards and it was only a 7hr shift!  There are loads of shifts on the ward that need covering at the moment but they’re all 13hr day and night shifts. I don’t think I have the stamina for them and looking after Theo right now (I know, I’m a wimp).  I’m hoping to do more ad hoc shifts after the first trimester but we’ll see.  I’m starting to get into the swing of this SAHM gig.  Anyway, I’ve written the recipe post and it’s ready to be published but I’ll post it shortly as I’ve got loads of food pictures to share with you tonight.

Here’s some eats since Sunday.

fridge lunch 2

fridge lunch

I’ve been needing to go shopping for the last few days so the above are lunches that I’ve scraped together using whatever’s in our fridge.  Typically cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes, avo, tofu, hummus, olives, steamed broccoli and some raw beetroot crackers (surprisingly good).

theo's dahl 2

This is some of Theo’s dahl that was leftover.  There wasn’t enough for Tom and I so I just had this small bowl and chucked in some leftover roast potatoes.

kale one

kale two

Last night Tom and I had kale and baked beans fajitas.  I know it sounds really random but this is the only way I can get Tom to eat kale, and also it tastes amazing.  This is one of our favourite go to meals.  It feels indulgent without being so.

easy kale

Finally, my dinner tonight.  I wasn’t that hungry so I sauteed some kale with evoo, garlic, olives, sundried tomatoes and wholegrain mustard and had it with Linda McCartney veg sausages.  I really enjoyed this, but lo and behold was still hunrgy afterwards.  My appetite’s being a bit weird at the moment.  I’m starving in the morning, and for the entire morning, no matter what I eat.  Then after lunch/Theo’s nap time (when I often have a cheeky nap too) I feel off and not that hunrgy for the rest of the afternoon.  I end up snacking anyway because I need to keep my energy up entertaining Theo.  By the time dinner roles around I’m clueless about what to eat.  Sorry, that was a bit long-winded.  I ended up having a chopped banana and granola with vanilla soy yogurt for dessert.

There we have it.  After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to pursue returning to my former veg*n diet (I’m hesitant to say vegan as I’m not sure where I stand on eating eggs).  It’s what feels most natural to me, and filled with foods I enjoy the most.  Some may argue that this isn’t the best course of action whilst being pregnant.  But everything I’ve read says that a veg*n diet can be healthy and sufficient for all stages of life.  I’m trying to read up as much as I can about it.  As an aside, I was worried about eating nuts whilst pregnant due to Theo’s nut allergy but the latest research and NHS guidance states that consuming nuts during pregnancy is safe (if you’re not allergic) and can actually minimise the chances of your baby having a nut allergy… Shame that didn’t work out in Theo’s case.

I’m off to do some reading before hitting the sack.  My parents are visiting tomorrow for a few days and Theo’s got a first birthday party to attend.  Life is good!

Be back soon with the recipe I keep going on about!

WIAW: Shift Work Edition

I am so glad it’s Wednesday already!  The week so far has been busy.  I’m on mostly short shifts this week (6.25hours), which is great, but I feel like I live there.  Monday I had my second midwife appointment just to check how things are going.  I also got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, which was amazing!  After that I had to rush to work for my late shift.  Tuesday I did another late shift and then today I was on an early shift.  I never sleep well between late and early shifts because by the time I’ve wound down and gone to sleep it’s pretty much time to get up again.  Nevermind.  Oh, and on top of my lack of sleep I had to be in charge of the whole ward as well as take care of my patients.  It was my first time in charge; scary!

Back to the point.

Today’s WIAW so I should share my eats.  For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to get into the habit of including more fruit and veg in my diet again (after my first trimester carb fest).   These are for Tuesday and are mostly packed food since I have my lunch in work before I start my shift, and dinner at work.

Breakfast was the usual.  I warned you I’d be having the same thing for a while.

Packed food includes salad smothered with hummus (I cannot get enough of hummus- my addiction has reached new levels), oatcakes, strawberries & grapes, a slice of malt loaf, and my current fave sandwich (sandwich spread with cheese- one from my childhood).

When I got home from my shift it was snackage galore!  Including corn thins with AB&J, alpro vanilla dessert and carrots with more hummus.  Oh, and unpictured is chocolate and a slice of cake.  Gosh, now that I recount this it does seem a lot of food for one day…  baby-growing is hungry business it seems.

Happy hump day!




A waiting game

Today I am going insane.  I’ve been stuck inside waiting for our new fridge-freezer to be delivered and with only store cupboard food to eat.  The people delivering our fridge are also taking away the old one.  And there’s only so much sitting around and eating carbs I can manage.  I think all of this is compounded by the fact that I’m on night shifts this week so I feel like all I’ve done is eat, sleep and work.  Not good for one’s physical or mental health.  I feel like my body’s turning to mush.  Doesn’t help that I’m in the looking-fat-rather-than-pregnant stage.  Plus, morning sickness is back so the only thing I can do to get rid of it is eat.

However, up until today we’ve been trying to clear out our fridge and freezer so there have been some vegetables in my diet.  Thank goodness!

A DHA top-up salad.  Twas good.

This was a weird dinner.   I made some soup a couple of weeks ago which tasted rubbish.  But I hate waste so I decided to freeze it anyway.  Since we’re clearing out the freezer I thought I may as well use it.  I just added some frozen veg, curry powder and tomato ketchup to make a dahl-like curry dish, with some naan bread on the side.  I really should not eat naan bread.  This was half a large one.  You bet I went back for seconds and thirds of everything.

Yesterday’s lunch was simply brown rice, frozen veg (steamed), and a veggie burger topped with my new fave sun-dried tomato dip (recipe to come).

And there you have it.  Unfortunately, a lot more unhealthy foods were consumed between these healthy ones.  Shame.  It can only get better… except on my nights again tonight.  At least it’s just one :)

Happy Friday!




Night shifting & eating

I have survived the last 2 night shifts!  Unfortunately, this feeling is bittersweet as I’m in work tomorrow for a study day (despite finishing nights this morning), and am back in for a night on Friday.  Quite possibly the most rubbish shift pattern thus far.  Or maybe next week’s will top this.

Anyways, I managed to take some food photos inbetween.  Pretty easy since all I do when on night shifts is work, eat and sleep.

In no particular order; or maybe from dinner/lunches to breakfast it seems.


Told you I was getting back into the salad groove (phew!).  I think after the major lack of greens these last few months my body (and baby’s) craving them.  It’s amazing how much better I feel for it too.

And more greens!  Love broccoli.  These were Linda McCartney sausages; they’re actually pretty good.  Tom even said they’re excellent for imitation meat one (a plus or minus depending on how you like your veggie sausages).

Some night snackage.  I don’t think I packed enough because I was still hungry after all this (well, I didn’t have much chocolate).  Luckily I keep snack bars and fruit and nuts in my locker for occasions such as this.  I’m not sure what was wrong with me but I literally ate every 2 hours all night!  My work colleagues even commented on it (much to my shame).

Because I’m all over the place from night shifts, I ended up snacking whilst trying to decide what to have for “breakfast”.  Which inevitably ends up being this:

These are probably the only breakfast photos I’m going to show you for a while.  I have loads of muesli and shreddies to get through before I’m happy to vary my breakfast eats because I hate opening new boxes of cereal until the current ones are finished.  Thus, these are going to be my breakfasts for a long time with the only variation being whether I use soy or almond milk, and which fruit I use.  Exciting, huh.  Anyone else hate starting new boxes of cereal when you already have some/one open???

Back in the groove

Happy bank holiday weekend!

Unfortunately I am working on bank holiday Monday but I’ve been off since Thursday so I can’t really complain.  Are you guys up to anything nice?  We went back to Wales briefly to visit Tom’s family but we’re now back in Bristol.  It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow so tonight we’re eating out at some fancy, local restaurant (I’ll try to remember to take pics) and have yet to decide what to do tomorrow.

I’ve been trying to get back to my former days of not being so lazy with food and including more veg in my diet.  I think I’ve done ok, not great, but ok.  I’m getting there…  See…

I’ve had a recent hankering after cereals from my childhood.  So we bought Shreddies which I used to supplement my healthier muesli, chopped strawbs and almond milk.  I have to say Tesco’s own Shreddies are a disappointment.  Note to self, if going to buy novelty cereal go the whole way and buy the proper stuff!.

This meal I was quite proud of.  I’d finished a crazy shift, there were microwave meals in the fridge and Tom was out for the evening.  All factors that point to my going for the microwave option.  However, I stepped back, had a rummage through our kitchen and came up with this.  Vege sausages, brown rice, sauteed veg all flavoured with some balsamic and pesto.  Twas good.

Since I’d being doing so well, the following day I decided to treat myself to a ridiculously over-priced takeaway salad from our local, organic health shop.  Ordinarily their salads are absolutely amazing.  But this time, nope.  I ate it nonetheless since I shelled out for it.  Plus, I felt virtuous afterwards for getting my greens in…  You know when you’re diet’s been poor and you’re out of the veg groove when you feel good about eating salad.  Oh well.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!