WIAW: Shift Work Edition

I am so glad it’s Wednesday already!  The week so far has been busy.  I’m on mostly short shifts this week (6.25hours), which is great, but I feel like I live there.  Monday I had my second midwife appointment just to check how things are going.  I also got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, which was amazing!  After that I had to rush to work for my late shift.  Tuesday I did another late shift and then today I was on an early shift.  I never sleep well between late and early shifts because by the time I’ve wound down and gone to sleep it’s pretty much time to get up again.  Nevermind.  Oh, and on top of my lack of sleep I had to be in charge of the whole ward as well as take care of my patients.  It was my first time in charge; scary!

Back to the point.

Today’s WIAW so I should share my eats.  For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to get into the habit of including more fruit and veg in my diet again (after my first trimester carb fest).   These are for Tuesday and are mostly packed food since I have my lunch in work before I start my shift, and dinner at work.

Breakfast was the usual.  I warned you I’d be having the same thing for a while.

Packed food includes salad smothered with hummus (I cannot get enough of hummus- my addiction has reached new levels), oatcakes, strawberries & grapes, a slice of malt loaf, and my current fave sandwich (sandwich spread with cheese- one from my childhood).

When I got home from my shift it was snackage galore!  Including corn thins with AB&J, alpro vanilla dessert and carrots with more hummus.  Oh, and unpictured is chocolate and a slice of cake.  Gosh, now that I recount this it does seem a lot of food for one day…  baby-growing is hungry business it seems.

Happy hump day!




A waiting game

Today I am going insane.  I’ve been stuck inside waiting for our new fridge-freezer to be delivered and with only store cupboard food to eat.  The people delivering our fridge are also taking away the old one.  And there’s only so much sitting around and eating carbs I can manage.  I think all of this is compounded by the fact that I’m on night shifts this week so I feel like all I’ve done is eat, sleep and work.  Not good for one’s physical or mental health.  I feel like my body’s turning to mush.  Doesn’t help that I’m in the looking-fat-rather-than-pregnant stage.  Plus, morning sickness is back so the only thing I can do to get rid of it is eat.

However, up until today we’ve been trying to clear out our fridge and freezer so there have been some vegetables in my diet.  Thank goodness!

A DHA top-up salad.  Twas good.

This was a weird dinner.   I made some soup a couple of weeks ago which tasted rubbish.  But I hate waste so I decided to freeze it anyway.  Since we’re clearing out the freezer I thought I may as well use it.  I just added some frozen veg, curry powder and tomato ketchup to make a dahl-like curry dish, with some naan bread on the side.  I really should not eat naan bread.  This was half a large one.  You bet I went back for seconds and thirds of everything.

Yesterday’s lunch was simply brown rice, frozen veg (steamed), and a veggie burger topped with my new fave sun-dried tomato dip (recipe to come).

And there you have it.  Unfortunately, a lot more unhealthy foods were consumed between these healthy ones.  Shame.  It can only get better… except on my nights again tonight.  At least it’s just one :)

Happy Friday!