Week #44

Last week was another funny old week.  Poor Theo spent the latter half of it unwell, and the first half seemed to have passed me by as I have very few photos from before Friday.  It definitely involved multiple park visits to make the most of this unseasonably benign weather that we’ve been having.




We’re lucky to have lots of green spaces around where we live; makes city living more child friendly and less claustrophobic.


My parents visited for a few days from Thursday so I made us these Blueberry Lassi Muffins.  They were so good; especially if you love molasses as this seemed to be the dominant flavour.  They were wonderfully moist despite being oil-free.



Friday night I met Tom after work, leaving my parents to babysit, so that we could enjoy a rare date night!  A new vegetarian restaurant has opened near us called 1847.  They’re a small UK chain restaurant.  Unfortunately the food was disappointing (I can’t even recall what we had) and both Tom and I suffered afterwards.  Shame.


Saturday morning I was up bright and early to queue to get my first tattoo, eek.  So this guy opens his books once a year and on that day people queue to have a free consultation with him and book their piece in for the following year.  I turned up almost an hour before it commenced yet still waited 5+ hours to see him.  Fortunately, he knows how to look after his punters with free tea, coffee, cake, and some of his art work.  Because I wanted to book in for a small piece I managed to get an appointment for the following week!  Apparently, the booking day is primarily for bigger pieces.  I had a great morning nonetheless.


By Sunday Theo was feeling a bit better so we went for a drive to one of our local seafronts.  I love pebbly beaches; and even prefer them to sandy ones.  We found a lovely cafe to have a cup of tea or some food but Theo started to go downhill so we’ve bookmarked it for next time.

And that sums up our somewhat eventful week.  As an aside, can you believe it’s November already!  A. is going to be one two weeks today.  Bittersweet.

Vegan MoFo 2014 – Final Post!

Goodness me I dropped the Vegan MoFo ball last week!  There were many good reasons for this.  I was without access to my macbook from Monday-Wednesday (I’m a “write-on-the-day-of-publishing” style blogger).  Then when I had the opportunity to blog after that I just couldn’t face it.  MoFo burnout?  Perhaps.  But more likely I think it was due to third trimester burnout.  Food is a bit of a struggle these days.  I have little interest in it and can become full so ridiculously easily.  Plus, I just feel tired.  Ah well, only 7 weeks to go until due date; woo woo!

Anyway, for my final MoFo post I’m going to share with you some recent food highlights.

1. Vegan Tuck Box!



They are the best!  I’ve signed up for the next 3 months, and I’ll probably go for an ongoing subscription.  So exciting seeing what goodies you get each month.  I haven’t been disappointed yet :) I particularly love their chocolate selections.  I should probably do a separate post dedicated to them.

2. Dreena Burton’s Chickpea Ratatouille


Such a tasty, easy dinner.  Made all the better with Nooch, obvo.

3. A variation of Isa’s PB-Choc Chip Oat Bars.


Again, amazing.  I just subbed the PB for sunflower butter and used raisins instead of the peanuts.

4.  This year’s London Vegfest!


We were there for the Sunday.  Honestly, for the most part it was stressful.  Theo refused to nap so he cried the majority of the time despite our best efforts to appease him/help him to sleep.  However, when he was happy I loved browsing around the stalls.  I ate some amazing food.  The above Bahn Mi Buddha from one of the food vans (best stuffed baguette ever), and Ms Cupcake‘s cupcakes were the highlights.  Oh my, I’m still dreaming about those cupcakes.  I think I have a girl crush on her/them (is that possible?).  Darn, I wish there was an equivalent in Bristol.


Poor Theo was so tired that as soon as the car engine was started, for our return journey home, he was out like a light.  In fact, I think he’s still recovering!

Next year, I’m going to try to go to Vegfest on my own so that I can check out some of the seminars and chat to people too.  It’s easy to feel alone when you don’t know any other vegans in person (other than through blogs).  I’ve struggled with this recently.  Veganism is a radical lifestyle choice, and sometimes I wish I knew other vegans to share it with.

And there we have it!  This year’s final MoFo post.  I’ve loved being part of it, discovering new blogs, and checking out all the vegan food porn.  Bring on next year!