Vegan Life Mag #3

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I finally got around to reading the latest issue of Vegan Life magazine! So many great articles. I know that it’s a new year and all that, but I was a bit disappointed on how much focus there was on detoxing. My plan was to try out one of the recipes but they were too detox focused for me so I’ve picked out two articles that sparked my interest.

The first one was about cheese and it being a major roadblock for people to transition from being vegetarian to vegan, or adopting a vegan diet.  I must admit, I can totally relate to this.  I love cheese and it has broken me a couple of times.  Ultimately, the dairy industry is just as unethical as the meat industry.  And in some ways, there is more animal suffering involved in producing dairy that it’s difficult to justify eating it.

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It was refreshing to read an article that gives a very honest perspective on adopting a vegan diet.  It’s not easy for some, myself included.  I successfully maintained a vegan diet during pregnancy but since breastfeeding I’ve been paranoid about how my diet affects milk supply and the nutrients A. is getting through my breastmilk.  And since I’m a worrier, especially when it comes to my children, I’ve been believing the misinformation that it’s detrimental to health to pursue a vegan diet when breastfeeding.  However, I know too much about the suffering involved in providing dairy thus my conscience was never happy with eating cheese.  Honestly, I’m still a little paranoid about my vegan diet having some negative effect on A. whilst breastfeeding but I just cannot participate in the suffering involved in the dairy industry through consuming dairy products.  I digress.  Back to the article.

The writer highlights how we often think in terms of overnight success stories thus feel like failures when we can’t make overnight changes.  I can definitely relate to this.  I’d like to be an all or nothing type of person but my brain freaks out whenever I try (which the writer also mentions as a natural protective mechanism that the brain performs).  Instead, she recommends taking things slowly.  Instead of thinking about a life without cheese, aim to do one month without cheese then take it from there.  For some transitioning to veganism, it may mean thinking of eating a vegan diet meal by meal.  I really enjoyed this article, and it reassured me that I’m not alone in my cheese struggles.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 09.52.27The other article is well timed with veganuary and gives advice on making the leap to a vegan diet, and how to navigate it depending on your personal approach to change.

So there you have two great reasons to buy the latest issue of Vegan Life magazine :)

Disclaimer: I was sent a digital copy of the magazine to review.  Nonetheless, all opinions are my own.

Product Review: Ethicoco Chocolate

Happy New Year!

So I know that many people commence some kind of cleanse, diet, or healthy eating plan after the christmas indulgences.  Personally I find this impossible.  It stresses me out and I end up obsessing over the foods I’ve decided to cut back on or have temporarily evicted from my diet.  With age comes wisdom experiences.  Instead I try to find better alternatives to those foods that aren’t as healthy as I’d like.  Failing this, I continue eating those foods that I love but aren’t necessarily deemed healthy.  It’s all about balance, right.  Anyways…

…cue Ethicoco Chocolate Company.


 I don’t tend to do many product reviews on here but I will never refuse chocolate.  Never.  Ever.  Thus when the people at Ethicoco kindly offered to send me samples to review, of course, I said yes.  As per usual, all opinions are my own.


This hand-crafted vegan chocolate is a bit different  from the norm.  Many are cocoa based, and more akin to dark chocolate.  Whereas these ones contain oats, which give it a nice sweetness.  I love dark chocolate, but sometimes I want chocolate without the bitterness of a high cocoa content.  These fit the bill.  The oat milk and raisins bar is particularly delicious.  And they’re not too sweet enabling you to feel both virtuous and indulgent at the same time.  Lovely job.  (My sister was also a big fan).