Knits and Pieces

Good evening, friends!  Well, that was a rather long and unscheduled blogging hiatus.  It defo wasn’t planned but just felt right.  I never want to blog just for the sake of it.

The last couple of weeks have flown by!  Theo seems to have upped his game in terms of how much daily entertaining he needs, so most of my energy has been devoted to him.  He’s at a super cute age (although I always seems to think this), and I just want to make the most of the time we have together before the baby comes along.


Food has taken on a more functional form, which in part has to do with the acid reflux I’ve been suffering the last few weeks.  I’ve had it through most of this pregnancy but it took a turn for the worst last week (I won’t go into detail) so I’ve been trying to eat accordingly.

My diet has still included lots of salads, and lots of cake (just to balance it all out, right?).  Meal planning is going well too.




My foodie hobby time has been replaced with… knitting!

photo 2

I’ve become addicted.  When I last blogged I hadn’t started knitting but was planning to.  Now that I have I can’t get enough of it.  It’s so relaxing!  So far I’ve made a scarf, a pair of booties for the baby, and I’m in the middle of making a matching hat to go with the booties.

photo 1

In other news, I have one week left of the second trimester.  Eek!  I need to be more deliberate about getting enough protein in my diet; particularly as  I enter the third trimester.  I’ve defo dropped the ball with that one recently.  Maybe I’ll blog about that soon.

Until next time <3

Fave Things Thursday #4

It’s a Thursday and I seem to have developed (unintentionally) a habit of blogging on a Monday and a Thursday.  So here I am.  I wonder if I’ll be able to keep this schedule up???  Let’s hope so.

It’s been a busy week filled with toddler-entertaining.  Today, is the first day for a while where I’ve felt like I haven’t needed a nap when Theo naps.  Bonus.

Other than trying to keep up with my almost-18-month-old not much has been happening.  Recently all I seem to be doing is either entertaining Theo or cooking and cleaning.  I guess that’s the deal of a SAHM.  I know this sounds a bit delayed and perhaps ungrateful, but I think I’m finally getting into the swing of being a SAHM and can say that I actually love it.  It’s taken me 5 months to get there but I’m here.  I love that I get to take care of my family, watch Theo develop and can be flexible in order to take care of my family’s needs.  There are days where I  feel like I have nothing left to give and Theo has challenged me to my limit but that’s life.  So I guess that’s my first Favourite Thing today:

Being a SAHM…


… and the chaos it brings.  This image is nothing compared to the mess that ensued as the morning progressed!



We have eaten a lot of curry, or so it seems, recently.  This one is Down-Home Curry with kidney beans instead of tofu, from Isa Does It.


Ok, so I haven’t started knitting yet.  But I’m seriously considering it.  It would be the perfect thing to do in the evenings since I don’t have the concentration to read a book.  And it would be far more productive than just watching TV or surfing the net.  If anyone has any tips or pointers in the right direction that would be great!



And fruit in general, and in any form.  Seasonal fruit is the best.  I want some melon after just looking at this image.

My favourite blog of the week,

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 19.15.26

I’m probs a bit slow to catch on to this blog; Cake Maker to the Stars is a fun, crafty, vegan blog with lots of inspiring recipes.

What are your favourite things this Thursday?

Hope you’re having a great week <3