Soul food

Happy weekend lovely people!

This end of the week has been decidedly better than the first half! I had a mini meltdown on Tom last night saying how I’m struggling with being a SAHM, I’m not very good at it, I miss work, blah, blah, blah. It was cathartic and now I have an action plan.

Food has also improved since my last post, thank goodness.  Rubbish, sub par food is depressing. Delicious food is good for my soul, which probably explains why I feel a bit better too.

It started on Friday night with a brilliant stir fry.  I’m loving stir frys right now.


I’ll share the recipe for this one soon. It’s a good one.

Then today has been one long cooking spree, with a play date in between. Theo woke up stupidly early so I cracked on with baking muffins.




I used an Isa recipe and slightly changed it.

This afternoon I made some soup for the freezer (another Isa recipe), and roasted veg and sweet potato for our dinner tomorrow.  I never fancy cooking after a shift on the ward so this makes it easier for me to chuck something together; probs fajitas.


Tom’s out again this evening so I had some leftover pasta that he made for an early dinner, and just chucked some of the roasted veg and spinach in. Was great.


And now it’s time to relax and watch Orange is the New Black. I know this was big last year- I’m behind on TV! Hope you’re having a good weekend xxx

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