February Recap

Well, posting regularly for the GBB kind of fell through…  I learnt alot through it though (separate post to come).

Honestly, Feb was a rubbish month.  It was Theo’s first birthday so I was expecting it to be better than January but it was not to be.  Theo was ill for the majority of the month.  And the day after his birthday we were in A&E at 6:00am for the day as Theo was particularly unwell.  He had picked up a vomiting bug from nursery, and although he was able to keep some food and fluids down, when he woke up on Saturday morning he was drowsy and floppy.  Off we went to A&E for what felt like the millionth time.  When they took his routine observations his blood sugar had dropped to 2.1mmol (it should be 4-8mmol) and his temp was 35C (it should be 36-37C).  They gave him IV glucose, after the oral glucose failed to do anything, and kept Theo in all day for monitoring.

ER 3

Wow, that was the longest day.  Have you ever tried starving a toddler, rationing diarlyte fluids and keeping them in the one room all day?  It was dreadful.  They sent off a hypoglycaemic screen to see it he has a metabolic disorder which caused the hypo.  I’m hoping it was just because he’s been ill so much recently and his body had had enough.  We’re still waiting for the results to come back.

Actually, Feb wasn’t all bad.  I finished work on the 22nd so am now unemployed/a SAHM; woo woo!  Everyone in our household is so much happier as a result.  Such a relief.  Now I get to spend all day, every day with my favourite little man.  Cue a million trips to the park as soon as the weather’s dry enough…

park fun 4.3.14

Theo also got his first proper shoes!  He wasn’t impressed.

first shoes 25.2.14

I’ve been putting it off because they’re so expensive and I’ve read that it’s best for toddlers to be as close to bare foot as possible until they are confidently walking inside and outside.  Whilst theo is most definitely walking/running, he’s still safer in the pram when we’re out and about.  I eventually relented because I cannot find any “normal” baby shoes to fit his large, fat feet.  So cute.

In hindsight, the end of February was pretty great.

3 thoughts on “February Recap

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