WIAW: The mish-mash edition

I can’t believe it’s What I Ate Wednesday already.

How are you guys?

I’ve had the quite the week or so.  Despite finishing my course back in December and working on the ward since then, last Monday I began actually practising as a registered nurse.  If I thought being a student nurse was hard, being a newly qualified nurse is so much more challenging.  I feel out of my depth most days.  Looking after acutely unwell patients, whilst juggling all the other administrative and fiddly bits of the job, and figuring out the processes required to get something done is surprisingly tricky.  Nothing seems straight forward.  The NHS is a beast that is difficult to tame, with so many convoluted processes required to get the simplest task done.  And when the ward is busy and under-staffed, there’s not much support available.  However, whilst I could sit here and blame bureaucracy and poor staffing numbers, ultimately i’m just riding a very steep learning curve.  It’s sink or swim time.  I’ve spoken to some people who cried after most shifts for the first 6 months after qualifying and dreaded going into work.  Thus I guess all this is to be expected.  I still love the NHS.

As for food, it’s been a bit all over the place with lots of take aways(!).

Here are some of the highlights pictures I remembered to take one day.

My current breakfast obsession is Dorset Cereals muesli with banana, almond milk and extra raisins and dried apricots.  Love.


Leftover veggie chilli with avo and raw carrot (clearly I forgot to snap this before I had almost finished it, oops).


Thai green curry (takeaway leftovers).  Another obsession; but nothing tops that thai curry I had in HK.


Mandatory Snackage.  I am loving thse raw kale chips; shame they’re ridiculously expensive!


Hope you’re having a great week! :)

4 thoughts on “WIAW: The mish-mash edition

  1. I’d recommend this company that recently did a test for me, very non invasive, all I had to do was send a small sample of my hair and got a comprehensive 9 page report back in 3 days detailing loads of things I should avoid (nuts, small seeded fruits), they have good reviews and were very professional. http//:www.food-intolerance-testing.co.uk


  2. Thanks! @Laura and @Anna

    @bananahut haha, i do seem to eat an awful lot of bananas. It just depends on what arrives in my fruit and veg box. Also loving red grapes, kiwi and strawbs right now :)


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