WIAW: Early shift edition

Would you believe me if I said that I had grand blogging plans for this weekend gone by?

It’s true.  On Friday I returned home from work, looking forward to having the whole weekend off, catching up with blogs, and my fave TV shows.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  A Virgin Media engineer had severed our TV and internet connections, and Virgin couldn’t send an engineer to sort it until Monday.  That’s right, friends, a whole weekend without TV and internet.  If analogue TV was still happening I could have at least watched some of the original channels before Murdoch and Branson took over the world.  Friday night I was out for the evening at a work reunion so that was no biggie.  But Saturday morning I sulked in bed, reading my rubbish book.  I did finish my book though.  And it transpires that I can, in fact, survive a whole weekend living in the 1950s since my only connection to the outside world was via radio.  I even got in touch with my cultural side, albeit briefly, and read The Times newspaper’s Saturday and Sunday editions.

Luckily Monday night all was well again, and my shift’s plus the technology gods have allowed me back here to blog on this fine miserable Hump Day.

Since it’s a Wednesday, I may as well join the WIAW peops and show you most of my eats for a day.


Exhibit 1: A light pre-early shift breakfast of GF toast & sunflower seed butter, with grapes and kiwi.


Exhibit 2: Packed lunch of some kind of lentil and rice stew, raw carrots, afal.


Exhibit 3: Snack on return home from work.  Corn thins w. PB&J.  (Obvo more than this was consumed in one sitting).


Exhibit 4: Stir-fried kale and carrots with rice (somewhere underneath there), tofu and cashews.


Exhibit 5: Dessert.  The whole bag.


Finally, Exhibit 6: One of these.  I always keep a stash in my locker at work, and have one in each bag.  So I munched on one of these whilst wandering home after work.

There you have my WIAW: The early shift snack-fest. Vegan style.

Happy hump day!

12 thoughts on “WIAW: Early shift edition

  1. Mmmm chocolate covered raisins! I love them almost as much as I love yoghurt covered raisins. Also, I just found my first ever jar of sunflower seed butter and I AM SOLD. It’s definitely my favorite nut-butter…well, I guess technically it’s a seed butter, but eh, you know what I mean!


  2. Same! It took me a while to switch on to the sunflower seed butter. I’m even going off PB because of it; who would have thought! I used to devour yoghurt-covered raisins by the kilo back in the day. Yum.



  3. I was trying to find an email link, but couldn’t!

    I’m also a soon to be nurse, currently working shifts. I’m wondering what your tips are adjusting your eating schedule for early morning and late night shifts. How to eat when you have NO appetite at 6am.. but need fuel to make it until a mid-morning break. For me this is also complicated by an eating-disorder-recovery-dictated-meal-plan… but really I’m just wondering how other healthy eaters adjust to eating during busy shiftwork. You can just email me back… Thanks!



  4. Those chocolate covered raisins look yummy – I could just eat that now!
    A weekend without TV and internet would be very annoying, but I guess it’s actually nice to be reminded every now and then that we can do without having to be permenantly attached to our computers and TVs?


  5. How does sunflower butter taste, out of interest? I’ve always stuck to peanut butter, and I’m curious to see if I should change paths =) AND MY GOSH. Chocolate covered raisins. Who came up with that brilliant idea. You are completely justified in eating the entire aisle of them, let alone one bag.


  6. Oooh, I just had that very berry raw bar thingy today (the one from the bottom picture) it’s so yummy! :-) Very cool, I defintely want to go and stock up, and I love that they are not too expensive! I totally find that I get lost without the internet – then other times, I don’t go on it at all! It just depends where I’m at in my life and what I’m up to. Last year around this time I was travelling and barely looked at the internet…now I’m working and blogging and living a more static life I often log on for entertainment! :-) Have a wonderful day, lovely! <3 xyx


  7. Erin- I’ve sent you an email :)

    Lexie- I’m not sure how to describe sunflower butter… maybe as a cross between peanut butter and cashew butter… :)


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