2011 in review

What a year!  And in keeping with much of what the blog world is doing (and for my own selfish  benefit) I figured I may as well write a recap of my crazy year.

  • The year began with a break from the blogging world and the commencement of my final year of my adult nursing degree.  I also discovered the low FODMAPs diet which has helped manage my IBS in times of great stress (fortuitous timing!).

  • February 18th I returned to the blogging world under Welsh Girl Eats (WGE) but over on blogger.  However, I missed my old blog so on June 10th I transferred all the content from Gluten-free Tries Vegan and WGE on blogger back here to where I orginally began blogging back in July 2008(!).
  • End of June I began my final nursing placement on a haematology ward.
  • End of July/beginning of August we moved from our old flat into a wonderful 3-bedroomed house, with an awesome kitchen:

  • The summer was consumed by my trying not to go too crazy with the stress of studying and writing my dissertation, which I submitted in September.

  • In October I handed in my final piece of work for my degree and got my first job as a registered nurse (RN) on the haematology ward I was on placement for (I officially begin practising as an RN there in March 2012).

Practising Kindness

  • In December I officially finished my nursing degree (woo woo!), and my ED and IBS story was published on one of my fave blogs Choosing Raw by the lovely Gena, as part of her Green Recovery Series.
  • Oh, and on Christmas Eve, I was having a scroll through twitter and stumbled upon a message from the peops at Channel4.com informing me that I was featured on their Best Health Blogs list!  How crazy is that?!  And they even took the time out to generously write a little blurb about my blog!

And that, friends, is 2011 in review!  Thoughts on 2012 coming shortly. How was your 2011?  What were your highlights?

3 thoughts on “2011 in review

  1. This has been such an amazing year of accomplishments for you! Graduating, jobs, awards, and more. You deserve a mega CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Oh, and I love your kitchen! It is completely lovely! The wall color is like sunshine. :-)


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