Breaking a short fast

I love walking home after my last night shift, especially when my following days off coincide with a weekend off.  The sun wasn’t shining but my bed and weekend were waiting for me on my return home and it felt good!  After having just over 4 hours sleep this morning I woke up with a ravenous appetite, despite having breakfast when I got home.  Thus breakfast number 2 was essential and had to be of the sweet variety.


Bowl numero uno – GF flakes, dark choc chips, raisins, & chopped banana.


No. 2 was the same minus the ‘nana and choc chips.


Oh, and all topped with my new fave milk…

This is ridiculously pricey, but it’s the best alternative to soya milk that I’ve tried and it’s great for when I don’t have time to make my own almond milk  Loving it.

Right, I’m off to enjoy this:

And this:


You’d think that working in a hospital would mean I would want to avoid watching medical stuff at home, but no.  Boston Med, House, and Grey’s Anatomy are my current faves.

What about you?  Medical/hospital shows, yay or nay?  Any faves?

7 thoughts on “Breaking a short fast

  1. I do like House. I’ve never seen Grey’s and I remember Boston Med being on, but I never watched it. Hope you have a great weekend off :)


  2. ive never even heard of this show??? its currently on?

    i loved scrubs the most. i watched the first season of greys and then couldnt stand it anymore. most medical shows i dislike actually. but i do like house (i watch random reruns not the current show).


  3. I’m not a fan of most medical dramas either and Grey’s Anatomy is awful but addictive. I’m a House and Scrubs fan too. Huw Laurie is my guilty crush :) I think Boston Med had just finished but I think there may be others in the series like Houston Med (ok, I know far too much about TV shows now). x



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