Kind of WIAW

Glad I’m not the only feeling the potato love.  High-five for potatoes (did I really just type that?).  I know too many people who have started on the Dukan diet (the one championed by Kate Middleton), which relies heavily on protein.  Ugh, I recommend you check out the link if you’re curious.

This week I’m on night shifts.  Last night was incredibly slow.  Slow night shifts are the worst.  Being busy is essential when you’re trying to fight your body’s natural urges to sleep.  I ended up resorting to far too much chocolate and caffeine.  Not surprisingly my appetite and food is all over the place on night’s and I tend to crave simple foods.  Since it’s WIAW I figured I may as well show you some of my eats over the last 24 hours.

Every day begins the same- organic coffee with soya milk, in the biggest mug I can find.  (Check out the marks our kettle stand has made on the work surface in the backgroud, v. annoying).


Dinner, or whatever you want to call it, pre shift was roasted sweet potatoes, ‘shrooms, brocc and fennel seeds with fried egg and ketchup.  I went back for seconds of the roasted good stuff.  I thought it seemed a rather small pile when I served up (note to self: go with instincts).


Night shift snacks (sorry about the lighting).  In the background is millet bread that only tastes good toasted; unless you like the taste of cardboard that is.


Today’s dinner pre-shift was a collection of the last of the fresh produce.  Self-explanatory really.  I mashed the inside of the SP with lots of allmond butter.  How I love (sweet) potatoes.  And then poured some tamari over the salate post photo shoot.


I’m taking the same variety of snacks in for my night shift tonight, with the addition of the above.  Essential, and especially good for that sicky feeling that occurs between 3-6 a.m. when your body’s wondering why the hell it’s awake and working.

We’re now clean out of fresh produce, minus a few bananas and tomatoes.  We’ve restarted getting a fruit and veg box delivered once a week to try to save money and eat organically and in season, and to support local farming.  I’m loving it but it does mean the day before it’s mix of whateve’s left.  Lucky our veg box arrives tomorrow, exciting! Seriously.

Actually, whilst I remember, does anyone have any tips for taking photos in the winter when there is zero sunlight and only artificial lighting?  As you can tell, my already subpar photography skills are suffering.

4 thoughts on “Kind of WIAW

  1. Can you change the white balance on your camera? My energy saving lightbulbs are very yellow so I set it to tungsten, but play around with the pre-set settings, they should remove some of the yellow xx


  2. Alter the white balance in camera or in photoshop. If all else fails flash then some editing of levels to make it less extreme. Also I know this may sound super cheap but you can make your own flash soft box by putting tracing paper over your flash. Or a simple desk lamp with a daylight globe (blue light not yellow) for lighting… but that takes time and I haven’t even pulled out my lighting kit so I understand not wanting to go that far. But just in case you wanted to know.
    All the best xxx


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