Was bored, now relaxed. Tips, please.

I’m writing this on June 17th, the same day as I wrote and published my last post.  Stranger things have happened.

Today has been most unproductive.  I had all these bright ideas about what studying I had to do but I think I’ve been indoors too much so I’m going stir crazy.  Yup.  And I made the fatal mistake of having a shower and getting glammed up for my night out too early in the day.  Now I want to exercise but I can’t be bother to shower and re-do my make-up after a sweatfest.  Anyone else had that dilemma?  Suffice it to say, instead I have done a bit cleaning and A LOT of faffing.  Bummer.  What a waste of a day!  But these things happen.

So, I guess I should share some food stuff since this a food blog…  I was going to bake but I couldn’t be bothered (are you noticing a theme… laziness, perhaps?).  Ok, food.

Today’s lunch was a mix of whatever was lying around in my fridge,

Quinoa, roasted parsnips & sweet potatoes, cucumber, carrots.  With some cashews (possibly my fave nut).  Nut surprisingly, this did not fill me up for long.  I just cannot get too grips with portion control!  I am rubbish at judging how much to give myself.  Anyone have any tips?  I’d rather not need a snack 2 hours later.

Ooo, I recieved two new cookbooks in the post this week.  When I’m sitting at home, working on my computer I have an awful habit of buying stuff that I don’t really need.  But one can never have too many cookbooks, right?  Right.

La Dolce Vegan I bought on a friend’s recommendation.  She said it’s her most used cookbook (always a good sign).  The second, Appetite for Reduction, I bought as I read an excellent, glowing review of it in a foodie magazine a few months ago.  I haven’t cooked anything from them yet.  But I’m sure you’ll hear about it when I do.

Ok, I should go now.  The Hubs is about to come home from work.


Fast forward to now, Saturday morning.  I have diligently uploaded photos from last night’s meal and am ready to bore you with them…

Whenever we go to Tampopo, I always get the same thing: Nonya Vegan Curry and Sauteed Greens.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I think this image of the greens may be upside down…

That’s me, btw- more than ready to eat!  Excuse the red eye.  (I realise that my chopsticks are upside down, I did rectify this before using them to inhale the food).

The hubs (left) and our friend.  Nothing much I can say about this really, it’s a pretty representative image.

Twas a great evening but we watched the 10pm showing of Senna and I was falling asleep in parts of the film (due to a mix of tiredness and lack of interest).

How was your friday night?  Fun weekend plans?  More importantly, any tips on determining adequate portion sizes?  Ideally I want to feel full/satiated for a good 3-4 hours after eating, but not stuffed.  Thanks!