Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes

Ok people, you better believe these are healthy.  They are free from saturated fat, dairy and gluten.  Plus they are high in fibre and protein.  Did I mention that they contain a tin of black beans?  Yet, they actually taste good!  Loving it.

I stumbled upon these delights whilst looking for a cupcake recipe that used ingredients that were in the cupboard (read: did not require leaving the house to brave the freezing cold weather).  The original recipe, namely “Not Your Usual Chocolate Cupcakes!” can be found here at Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking.  I made a few changes- I used pureed dates instead of the prunes, and used rice flour instead of the usual wheat-based flour.  Be warned, these are filling.  Even Tom struggled to eat a whole cupcake (as a dessert).  I think these babies could be a good breakfast cupcake since they are high in fibre and protein (we’ll ignore the fact that they are also high in sugar; it is the holidays after all!).

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