I'm still alive…

These last two weeks or so have been crazy so today I’m giving you a quick update.  I’ve been getting used to shift work again, and working on an elderly medicine ward (very heavy work), whilst studying at the same time.  Needless to say, I have been a little tired.  However, I love the ward and the work so it’s all good.  In foodie related news, I have been trying to up my raw game but my digestive system has been complaining.  So, I’ve cut back on a few things, and added a few things into to my diet to see how my body reacts.  It’s all trial and error, people, until you find the right  diet that suits you and your needs.  Still loving being vegan and how much energised and less bloated I feel.  Whilst on shift it’s quite easy to eat raw as we have little to no cooking facilities in our staff room/sisters office so salad is my best friend.  However, some days I like a bit of variation so I delved into the world of sushi making for the first time the other night!  The more I made, the better the sushi  My first sushi roll was a disaster and fell apart, but by the third attempt I had it nailed.  Here’s a photo of yesterday’s lunch before my late shift…

Mmm sushi

I must confess that whilst my main meals when working are raw/high-raw, I have found that my cravings for caffeine and sugar have come back with a vengeance.  And, I have occasionally given into these cravings.  How to remedy this?  I think I need to make more of my raw chocolate balls as snacks because the mix of dried fruits and nuts should give me a more sustainable energy boost.  These sugar and caffeine embibing times have reminded me how sensitive my body is to blood sugar level fluctuations so that’s also a good thing.  Isn’t it great that as soon as we listen to our body rather than our addictions/cravings we can learn more about what it wants and needs.  Marvellous (love that word).

In other news, this Sunday November 1st, I am hosting the Gluten Free Blog Carnival that has been set up by Kim the Food Allergy Coach.  It’s the third carnival so far and I’ve already recieved lots of great entries so hopefully, if all goes to plan, you should be able to take a look at them then.  It will showcase all the great food you can eat even if you are living with food allergies, as well as giving tips on allergy free and healthy living.  If this sounds good to you, I shall hopefully see you on Sunday!

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