Beautiful Majority

As I was walking in to work today, silently celebrating and smiling about this historical event when Barack Obama won the US election making him the 44th president and first African-American president, I began thinking about how we record the present and the past.  How do we preserve moments and make them into memories?  What moves something into the realm of history rather than the forgotten past?

I then noticed the large tree that I walk past daily, which is surrounded by shrubbery and a couple of benches where people can sit and find sacred moments in the midst of urban living.  Today, this tree was swimming in warmth and bathed in autumnal leaves.  I wish I had my camera on me at that moment.  I wanted to record the vision and with it the memory of what I felt.  Now, as I read through this post and rewrite it again and again, the picture is fading in my mind’s eye.  Yet I want to preserve and remember these little things that I so easily forget.  These moments where my senses are heightened, and that bless me with small bursts of pleasure and joy in what are often difficult or humdrum days at work.  I then pondered on this blog and the purpose of it.

It is, in part, a means of recording and remembering events, feelings, pleasures and thoughts.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at remembering events or details.  I’m good at remembering how I felt on a certain occasion.  And, unfortunately, I excel at remembering negative words, experiences and emotions.  I cling onto them as if they were essential to my being.  In turn, this allows the negative to fester and slowly eat away at me, stifling, and gradually destroying my personal sense of freedom.  It builds bricks, one by one, around my heart making me more guarded and cynical.  However, I don’t want this for myself and for those who are affected, be it consciously or unconsciously, by the person I am.  Instead, I want to believe and live the words of Obama when he said to the people of South Carolina, “yes, we can change“.  And, for a nation to change individuals have to change.  They have to change and act on that change.  Therefore, as an individual I can change.  I can cling onto the positive instead of the negative and embrace all that is great about life.  I can try to improve what is bad and make a choice to let go of the negative that I am powerless against.  I can pray for good to be done, for grace to seep through into the depths of existence.

And so, as part of this conscious change, I want to use this blog to document and preserve all that is good and positive and grace-full in my life, and to share it with anyone who is interested.


A Zesty and Uplifting Lemon Drizzle Cake
I made this for the momentus hours leading up to Obama winning the presidential election, which I shared with some of my good friends; all of whom enjoyed the cake.  Watch out for the unusual key ingredient!  The recipe is from BBC Good Food magazine and is yummy.  This is the link to the recipe.  Enjoy!