Mofo ’14 – Favourite Bake Thursdays


I’m kind of cheating with this week’s Favourite Bakes post as it features a no-bake recipe: 3-ingredient Sunflower Butter Treats.


I saw the recipe a week or so ago at Healthy Tipping Point and I just had to try it.  Third trimester exhaustion has hit hard, coupled with Theo not sleeping well.  Thus they seemed perfect.  They’re like rice crispie treats but healthier, and I love that they are nut-free so I can share them with Theo.


Theo helped to make them by stirring the mixture together.  This lasted about a minute before he got distracted by the buttons on the microwave!  Give them a go… Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best :)


Mofo ’14 – WIAW again

Happy hump day!

This is last week’s post that I somehow failed to post properly last Wednesday; so it ended up as a page on my site rather than a post.  Doh.  Here it is:

I’m going to make this post a quick one as I’ve got a ton of things to do in a very limited amount of time (i.e. Theo’s nap time).  Today I’m just going to showcase my main meals from yesterday.  As per usual I snacked like nobody’s business through out the day but I failed to take photos of them due to having a rather stroppy toddler at my feet (I am not looking forward to the terrible 2s).



This was a pear and plum crumble with vanilla soy yogurt.  Yup, not the healthiest but hey at least it contained fruit.  Recipe for the crumble coming up tomorrow!



Another salad with hummus and veggie sausages.  I think I’ve eaten too many of these sausages recently as I’m not loving them as much as I once was.  Such a bummer when that happens.



A lazy one- baked bean fajitas.  I went easy on the cheese as it’s one I’m trying out so didn’t want to go overboard and ruin the fajita if I didn’t like the cheese.  Oh, and I had 3 of these bad boys.

That’s it!  See you tomorrow